30 June 2013
Peat and more peat....

June is the month for peat cutting..............

We still have half the bank to do, should be finished soon.

This year we have a huge number of orchids here, an amazing show along our road. Maybe the late spring has something to do with it.

I am away this week to deliver new work to galleries on the west coast, so will have a night on Skye, hope the weather is good and not too midgy.

Today we had another calf, Bella is our oldest cow who was also our first calf born here in 1998. She is a good mother and her eartag number is 00001.

Last week I played the piano in public at the local mucic festival............ the first time I have ever done such a thing, very very scary but I did OK and am feeling very pleased with myself for doing it, two grade 5 pieces.

Only just got this done in June, I have just started doing th facebook thing, bit confusing but take a look.


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